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Standup paddle, Yoga and Pilates in Mundaka

We are Gudari Caribe, with the best classes and courses of SUP Pilates and Yoga classes, where you can have the experience of venturing into this mythical and magnificent disciplines, learn through our classes by the hand of highly qualified and certified instructors in a happy and safe environment! Come and reserve.

The Stand Up Paddle is a modern adaptation of an old Polynesian tradition, of sliding in which the navigator uses a shovel a way of a paddle to move through the water while standing in a table similar to a traditional surf, and Also used as a healing playful tool, is an extremely relaxing activity. At present it is a practice that has a great growth due to its versatility since, on the Paddleboard you can practice different disciplines like yoga, pilates, enjoying the contact with the nature to people of different ages and levels of ability.

If you know how to swim, whether or not you are a Yoga or Pilates practitioner, you like to be in direct contact with nature, if you want to have a fun time, you are welcome to live a unique and incredible experience, practicing any of these activities floating on water.

SUP Yoga and / or SUP Pilates combine physical exercise with the energy of the sea, in an environment of spectacular nature that will make us feel part of it, where we will be intimately connected with the joy of water, overcoming the difficulty of the environment.

When water and energy flows in harmony we feel good, we feel happy in relation to life.

SUP Yoga, meditation in motion on water.
SUP Pilates, beyond physical therapy.

With the combination of these different disciplines of SUP and YOGA, PILATES perform a complete training of the upper and lower train, intensifies the strengthening of the central region the fundamental core for a good and healthy physical structure. It works, strengthens and flexibilizes all the muscle groups of the body, we are able to reinforce all the principles of balance and postural correction provoking a greater attention, concentration and coordination, demanding to the body a better use of its movements. Develop proprioception, balance, improve endurance, all while learning to use your breath to oxygenate and relax your mind releasing the stress of your body and mind.

This activity brings a balance between body, mind and being being truly healthy.
Energy flows, life continues and health is obtained.

Undoubtedly life is better at sea!

The session begins at the seaside (Dry Zone A) where basic knowledge of SUP (material handling and basic notions to navigate with the paddle stand at sea, basic board positions, etc.) will be taught. The medium, observe the sea and its states (basic knowledge of tides, currents, wind and their effects.) Then continue in the water (zone B), the area of change of the medium with the first contact with the material And the sea using the safety position “prono”, the entrance and exit of the water, etc., and finally, the zone of practice (zone C) where we will learn the position of knees and standing, rowing and against rowing.
Includes: Complete equipment, monitor and insurance

Duration of each session / class:
1 hour


Walks around the beautiful coast of Mundaka, by the Ria to Pedernales where you can contemplate the green that surrounds it.
Includes: Complete equipment, monitor and insurance

Duration of each session / class:
1 hour 1/2
2 hours


They usually last about an hour and a half, usually begins the session at the seashore (A Dry Zone) where they will teach basic and necessary knowledge of SUP (familiarize themselves with the material and basics of paddling on the Stand Up Paddle.) And the medium observing the sea (basic knowledge of tides, currents, winds and their effects). Then we continue in the water in our practice zone, feeling part of the ocean we will practice Yoga or Pilates. The practice is finished with a small final relaxation lying down being carried away by the sound of the sea in each breath.
Includes: Complete equipment, monitor and insurance

Duration of each session / class:
1 hour 1/2

  • 1 Session – 35€
  • 2 Sessions – 65€
  • 3 Sessions – 80€
  • 4 Sessions – 100€
  • 5 Sessions – 130€ + 1 session free/gift

And we also offer you a great way to start the day or finish the afternoon, to do a little trip of Stand Up Paddle + SUP Yoga or SUP Pilates.



If you are only interested in practicing YOGA or PILATES we also have private lessons for you or if you come with a group of friends or family. You just have to consult with us to schedule what suits you best. With pleasure our instructor Roxana Di Modugno (@moonligthsunset13) will give you all the information so that you can take from Mundaka a beautiful, enriching and relaxing experience.

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